Sample Menu

Hot & cold drinks, along with snacks and light meals are served all day from 9:30am

** NOW SERVING A SPEPERATE BREAKFAST MENU ** 9.30am – 11:30am everyday.

For a sample of our breakfast menu click here

Please click for a SAMPLE MENU but we also have SPECIALS that are available all year round! We also have an excellent selection of Vegetarian and Vegan options.

We like to offer a variety of simple snacks and a few good hearty dishes.  Pasties, Pies, Chips, Soups, Jacket Potatoes, Filled Rolls etc are all classed as standard fare! Most food dishes can also be taken away if you are in a rush or just want to grab yourself a snack!

We also serve, Coffee, Tea (including a large range of Specialty Teas), Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate alongside a wide selection of Cakes, Biscuits, Flapjacks and Muffins

We pride ourselves on having a 5* Hygiene Rating

It is our aim to provide as much information as possible about the food allergens present in our dishes. Should you require detailed information on ingredients, these are available in our ‘allergen folder’ on the shelf in our pub. You can also ask a member of staff, who will be happy to help you with this. Due to the size of our kitchen (a contender for one of the smallest in the world!) we cannot guarantee any cross contamination with any of our dishes and as such it could be possible that allergens may be present in trace quantities in all of our dishes. If your allergy is severe, as much as we would like to, unfortunately we will not be able accommodate this. We are very sorry.