What We Sell

We have many daily essentials: including bread, milk and basic groceries and also chocolate, sweets, ice creams, crisps, muffins & flapjacks etc .

We have an off licence so wine, beers and spirits are available for you to consume off-site. Cigarettes are also available.

We have a large selection of children’s toys and many types of souvenirs from tee-towels and oven gloves to fridge magnets, coasters, pens & pencils!!

We stock gift-ware and have a large selection of canal books, canal maps and fiction novels

A variety of postcards, gift cards and stamps are available and an on-site postbox means that you can get these sent off straight away!

The small chandlery and hardware section stocks items such as mooring pins & ropes, waterproofs & fenders

Unfortunately we do not stock daily newspapers but Saturday & Sunday papers are available to pre-order – just give us a call!

Our website does not currently provide the facility for you to order our wares on line, however if you are not able to get down to us, a simple contact to us will enable us to mail order items out to you. Our books are the most popular items that people order, but we are happy to send anything that the post will carry so if you are looking for that unique gift or memory for someone then simply contact us